Monday, October 12, 2009

Epi 1st Besday Sayang Mama - 15 October 2009!!!

One candle for A'isy Iskandar Baby,
On his birthday cake,
One love pat – a soft one,
One hug and one shake;
Then one kiss with love
That can never be told,
All these for our handsome Baby
Who’s just 1 year old..

"Teddy bears and seas of blue
Smiling in honor of you
An infant, not long ago
You are growing up so fast
How quickly a year has passed
You are special, sweet, and wise
A present before our eyes.

For a year, I've watched you shine
An angel I can call mine
Sent from Heaven, just for me
Filled with hope and dignity
A blessing, now and always
You brighten all of my days
Precious child, I love you so
More than anyone could know.

Baby's breath and sun-filled skies
Ladybugs and lullabies
Starry nights and bright moonbeams
Tender hearts and lasting dreams
Each, a gift within your view
During this time, made for you
May only good things come your way
On this, your very first birthday.."


  1. epi besday aisy..jgn wat mama aisy riso slalu tau.hehehe..jadi ank yg bek..amin..

  2. hepi birthday to u
    hepi birthday to u
    hepi birthday to a'isy
    happy birthday to cute boyyy
    jgn nakal2 ekkk